Orchestral Virtual Instruments

SCC Expressive Strings


SCC Expressive Strings is a virtual string ensemble programmed for maximum expressiveness. To get the most out of this library, it is recommended to have an expression pedal connected to an 88-key MIDI keyboard.

The samples have been collected from various free SoundFont banks I have found online. More details on this can be found in the readme.txt file inside the download.


To play the instrument, you will need to load one of the two .sfz files into an SFZ-compatible sampler. I highly recommend the free Plogue sforzando plugin for this task. I cannot guarantee that SCC Expressive Strings will work correctly with other SFZ-compatible samplers.

The filename suffix "CC1" or "CC11" determines which continuous controller will control the expression. CC1 is the mod wheel, and CC11 is the expression pedal. If you would like to use a different CC to control expression, make a copy of the "SCC Expressive Strings-Key Switch-CC11.sfz" file, open the copy in a text editor (not Windows Notepad... use Notepad++ instead) and search for all instances of "cc11" replacing them with the desired CC number (e.g. "cc2").

SCC Expressive Strings contains seven presets that are accessed via key switch. This means you must press the appropriate key on your MIDI keyboard to switch to the desired preset. This is great for quickly switching between different articulations like legato and staccato. Here are the keys and their associated presets (C4 = middle-C):


NOTE: All downloads on this page are compressed RAR archives. If you need a way to extract RAR archives, I recommend 7-Zip.